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I performed an in place upgrade of a TFS 2010 Beta 2 instance to and RC instance yesterday using this guide:

TFS Beta 2 to RC Upgrade Guide

The overall process was relatively smooth. There was only one hiccup at the very end of the "Upgrade from previous version" config wizard that almost had me in tears.

The last step was to upgrade all exisiting Project Collections. What it seemed to do was put each collection into a queue and then falg them as being serviced. While in this state nothing could be done to the collections and they were offline. The problem I had was that they never passed the first step of this process and remained in the offline/servicing status for about an hour. After searching for some sort of activity (logs, processes, etc..) I nearly cancelled the whole thing due to lack of information and the overall feeling that the process had hung up. Out of nowhere the config wizard closed, as if finished, and returned me to the TFS Admin Console.

I looked through the application tier and the project collections were still offline and still queued for servicing. So I made the decision to perform an almighty restart on the server and hope for the best. When the server finally botted back up I went back in the admin console to check the status again and what I found was what I had hoped for, the project collection upgrade process was back in full swing and completinhg without error.

Not sure if this was an isolated error or not, since it the RC was just released, but I hope that if others have this problem my journey will provide some help.

Posted on Thursday, February 11, 2010 9:37 AM Software - Team Foundation Server | Back to top

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