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I was running into an odd problem today when trying to add some new custom columns to a Microsoft Project project plan. These fields were driven by the values in other columns, in other words they calculated columns that used custom formulas I created to poluate them with content. I had added new fields to my project plan and validated and tested the formulas. Next I updated my task.xml to contain the new fields in TFS and uploaded that, then changed the FieldMapping.xml to reflect the mapping.

I had only added two new fields (and have done this many times before) so I wasn't at all worried about failure. Sure enough when I hit refresh the first time I received "TF82039: Team Foundation was unable to modify the project plan". I knew I couldn't have done anything wrong so I was worried that the fact that these columns were calculated was the issue. After much searching and no results I decided to troubleshoot a little more. I removed the mapping to one of the columns in my FieldMapping.xml and tried to refresh again. Project/TFS magically completed the process with no errors. So I went back and added the other field back in and voila, worked like charm.

I'm still not sure what the deal was, or why it let me add the one at a time. SO, if you run into this problem, try adding the new mappings one at a time. It also might help to create a tfs_msproject.log file to get the stacktrace and exception that occurs in your case.

I'll post steps to ensure that that file gets created later.


Posted on Wednesday, January 13, 2010 4:22 PM Software - Team Foundation Server | Back to top

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