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Versioning of Workflows with InfoPath forms in MOSS is not supported out of the box. How to do it is described in Dan Herzog's blog (

I would add a few words about how to handle the Info Path forms versioning. In the workflow.xml file the namespaces of the InfoPath forms are referenced using Task{Nr}_FormURN elements. From one version of a workflow to another not necessarily all forms will change. The forms which are not changed from one workflow version to another can be taken out from the installation procedure. They are already were saved in the form templates list when the previous versions of the workflow were deployed, you can reach them by Central Adminisration -> Application Management -> Manage Form Temlates. The changed forms can be versioned using their namespace. Changing an InfoPath form namespace is not straightforward Just changing it from the properties menu will not work. Here are the steps I use:

  • save the Info path document as source file
  • close the form
  • search for the 'my' namespace in the manifest.xsf
  • replace that namespace in all the source¬†files from the source files with the new namespace (basically the version number will differ in between names)
  • right click manifest.xsf -> Design
  • Save As -> owerwrite original xsn file set the path to the code publish the doc get the ID of the PUBLISHED doc and put in workflow.xml

The name of the new version of a form also should be changed because will be installed in the Form Templates galery and the names are requested to be unique. I use something like NewEmployeeDatav1.0.xsn, NewEmployeeDatav1.1.xsn etc.

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