January 2013 Entries

Why Won’t my SharePoint Project Open?

So I kept getting this really weird “Unable to load Visual Studio Project” basically it was the I’m missing a template error message look in the output. I eventually realize there is a dependency for the web tools in Visual Studio. It doesn’t yell at you when you install Visual Studio 2010 and say “hey you need so and so tools”. So remember guys install the “Web Tools” if you want to do SharePoint 2010 Development or open up old projects. Most people don’t run into this issue because they take the ......

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iOS and WP7/WP8 in SharePoint 2013

As you guys know I have decided to start delving into mobile development. I bought a Macbook Air a few months back and I am now getting an HTC 8x. Here are some things that I have learned in my attempts to play with both technologies with Office 365/SharePoint 2013: WP8/WP7 Microsoft has created templates for Windows Phone 7 and Visual Studio 2010: http://www.microsoft.com/en... Note that these templates were not created for Visual Studio 2012 and will not work in ......

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iOS and Windows Phone Session Slides and Code Samples

Here are my slides and code samples from SPS UK, SPS STL, and SPS VB: https://skydrive.live.com/#cid=8E2654C5F01E6069&id=8E2654C5F01E6069%21138
Enjoy guys...

Posted On Saturday, January 12, 2013 3:14 PM | Comments (0)

5 Years of SharePoint Saturday

Five years ago I drove down in an old Cadillac to Virginia Beach, VA from Raleigh, NC with Michael Lotter, a coworker named Nas, and Josh Carlisle. Now hundreds of events have occurred in places like Perth, Australia and Harrison, Arkansas to Toronto, Canada. Three people dreamed a dream and it came true with what they thought would be topped at a single event. As the usual post goes I remember sitting down at the speaker dinner at some pizza parlor and Joel Oleson sat next to me. I was 25 years ......

Posted On Friday, January 4, 2013 1:13 AM | Comments (0)

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