July 2012 Entries

Apple…Why I bought a MB Air…

I haven’t touched an Apple Machine since high school really. I never really wanted to buy one until recently. I have two Apple devices and I wanted to know how to build a mobile application. I have a strong development background in C++ and PHP as my foundation in college, so I thought why not come up with a way to integrate SharePoint 2010 and iOS. I sat on my hands for about 2 months debating what I wanted to get specwise and landed on a MB Air with 8 gb of RAM a core i7 proc and 512gb SSD. I finally ......

Posted On Saturday, July 21, 2012 11:02 AM | Comments (0)

Information Worker VM Rant

I try to avoid Hyper-V at all costs when working on my laptop. I am a developer usually all I need is VMWare and my own virtual machine that I built very bare bones server that can run search and profiles code easy. It has Visual Studio 2010 and SQL Standard 2008 R2 usually with a base on of Win Server 2008 R2. This week I find myself downloading the Information Worker VM for a client demo, which I do rarely. I am doing an SDPS somewhere in the New York Metro area. I need to show them a ton of the ......

Posted On Sunday, July 15, 2012 3:57 PM | Comments (1)

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