May 2012 Entries

SharePoint Saturday NYC Update from the Trenches

So as you know I am yet again involved in SPS NYC with my awesome teammates, Greg Hurlman, Jason Gallicchio, Tasha Scott, and Tom Daly. The speakers have finally been picked and a first draft schedule has been posted at http://www.sharepointsaturd... We are also still looking for sponsors if you guys are interested you can also click on the link to grab the form, sign it, and send it to We are also looking for volunteers and you can fill out the form at the same place ......

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Integrating SharePoint with Fruity Products

So as you can see this blog has not been the best in the world lately. Life changes and burn out are killing me lately. Don’t get me wrong I love my job. I love writing things in Visual Studio, in fact this week I got to work with MVC3 for the first time ever. I am completely hooked on MVC3 and will further explore that in the upcoming months. I have entertaining a completely different idea, because I think it would be fun and interesting. The downside is it involves me buying an Apple computer. ......

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NYC Metro Area Community Dinner

So I have decided to hold a community dinner the first week of June. I invited a bunch of MS community members who run user groups or contribute a lot in the NYC Metro area. If anyone is interested drop me comment on this blog with your email address. I won’t publish the comment with your email in case you don’t want everyone to see your address. I just figured that some people might see this blog that I missed via email. I am also going to spam the main community list for njny metro area. Hopefully, ......

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