April 2012 Entries

Where I’ve Been…

So if you’ve noticed I have not really been blogging for a while. The reason being is a new focus on my personal life. You all know things were jumbled and turned around last year. I am just trying to explore my new surroundings and meet new people. I have cut back substantially on my community involvement, which is still a ridiculous amount if you think about it. I’m going to try and submit to SharePoint Saturday Toronto and Atlanta. I will be at KC Developer Conference and The Expert’s Conference ......

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SharePoint Saturday New York City Back in Black

Just like Men In Black we’re back again for another year of SharePoint Saturday New York City. Speakers, sponsors, and volunteer submissions are open at: http://www.sharepointsaturd... If you are a local speaker and you are afraid to submit a full session, then you have the option this year to submit a lightening talk. Everyone has the ability to submit talks for full lectures until the beginning of May. We will keep sponsorships open until they are gone this year. We cannot continue to take ......

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