May 2009 Entries

Is She Dead Jim? No…

It’s not that I’m avoiding blogging it’s just that I need some non-SharePoint weekends and weeks. I need to just take some time to chill out. I have three weekends off from events and I am just relaxing and kicking back with friends. I am trying to plan out my move a little more. We narrowed down our options to New Brunswick, North Brunswick, Somerset, Highland Park areas in New Jersey. I am a little stressed right now, so taking some time away from my blog and events for a few weeks is something ......

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Becky…Who is Becky?

My name is Becky Isserman. Everyone in the Kansas City Community knew me as Becky before they even knew who MOSSLover was on the web. I didn’t even buy the domain until last year in April after the first event I attended, STL MOSS Camp. It’s really weird how much I’ve done and how far I’ve come since then. I swear I was ten times more nervous that first time. Who wouldn’t be with there dad in the room? When I was at DC I got up and I spoke and I fumbled ten times less. I can see the pay back for ......

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