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A Good Man Passed Away

I feel like I didn't know Dave Coleman well enough, but a few weeks ago I had a really bad feeling.  See I love Facebook in that I can see people's photos of amazing life events when I am depressed.  A couple of weeks ago I realized Dave had not been posting anything on Facebook.  For some reason I felt deeply saddened, so I messaged Tony Pounder on twitter to see what was going on with Dave.  It turned out he was sick, but he was on the mend according to Sue.  I was like oh that's awesome so soon he'll be posting some more pictures of his grandchildren and such on Facebook.  Yesterday he had posted on Facebook stating that he had a neuroma, but he was getting better.

I woke up today and I was getting ready to head into the city to the BlueMetal Office, when I saw a post from Dan Usher that Dave had passed around 5 am this morning.  I'm thinking this blows.  He was on my top 10 list for UK people in the SharePoint Community.  The two SPS UK events I attended were amazing, because I knew I would get to see him and Sue.  Dave was always in good spirits and lifted me up.

I was speaking at SPC 2011 for the first and last time ever.  We were chatting about the Doctor Who finale - the first half of the season was hugely about Amy Pond being pregnant and there was going to be a big reveal.  Dave and I were trying to figure how we could see the finale while at SPC.  One day during booth duty he came over and handed me a USB Drive and told me to let him know after I've watched it.  It made my week really amazing.  I will never forget his kindness.

I really wish I had taken the trip to the UK this year, but a lot of life events and other things happened to prevent it.  I am really sorry I didn't get to see him one last time.  I am really going to miss seeing him at SharePoint events.  I hope that wherever you are Dave is a happier and more peaceful place.  

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Monday, September 22, 2014 #

To the Undiscovered Country of Smartwatches

I mock things heavily.  I don't feel that I am under one specific umbrella of technology.  I own a Windows Desktop that I built with my own two hands, a FitBit for fitness steps and tracking, a Macbook Air, an iPhone, and an iPad.  I have tried Android, Windows, Amazon, and Apple devices and I will continue to try them all.  So don't call me a fangirl of anything, because I am not.  I think each major phone player has great devices in their own right - Apple has media & simplicity, Android has battery life & customizability, and Windows has an amazing camera.
Last week was exciting to me, even with all the snarky twitter comments, because Apple came out with a Smart Watch and then I started noticing more and more people with smart watches.  I ran into a couple people with the new Google watches and a ton of people either ordering one of them or the Apple watch.  I see that Microsoft is coming out with a Windows equivalent.  As usual I won't be purchasing a single one of these watches yet.
When I bought the iPhone I told myself I wouldn't get one until it had 16 gb hard drives and 3g and guess what a year later I bought one after waiting patiently.  Right now I am waiting patiently for my watch phone where I can get all of my apps on the phone.  What I am hoping is that this phone will be able to hold my music, come in a 32 gb hard drive, and have the next greatest LTE technological advance.  In the next 5 years I predict that this watch will be available on the market from all 3 competitors.  When that happens I will buy a watch phone.  I refuse to buy two devices - one that I need to carry in my pocket and one that I need to wear on my arm.  I predict that around the 3rd or 4th rev of this Apple watch my guesses will be spot on or at least close, because technology is ever changing and evolving.  Everything is getting smaller and bigger at the same time.  There are micro cards that can hold 32 gb of data, so inevitably this watch will be a reality.  
For all of you who are adopting this watch early thank you for being the brave soul that will make my watch phone a reality.  As I like to say from my favorite Star Trek Original Series Movie - "To The Undiscovered Country" [of smartwatches]!  I look forward to a future blog post about this watch phone.  Until then I will post about the regular same old same old dev stuff.  Catch you all later.

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Thursday, June 12, 2014 #

What I've Gained from being a Presenter at Tech Events

I know I fail at blogging lately.  As I've said before life happens and it gets in the way of best laid out plans.  I thought about creating some type of watch with some app that basically dictates using dragon naturally speaking to Wordpress, but alas no time and the write processing capabilities just don't exist yet.
So to get to my point Alison Gianotto created this blog post:  I like the message she has stated in this post and I want to share something personal.
It was around 2007 that I was seriously looking into leaving the technology field altogether and going back to school.  I was calling places like Washington University in Saint Louis and University of Missouri Kansas City asking them how I could go about getting into some type of post graduate medical school program.  My entire high school career was based on Medical Explorers and somehow becoming a doctor.  I did not want to take my hobby and continue using it as a career mechanism.  I was unhappy, but I didn't realize why I was unhappy at the time.  It was really a lot of bad things involving the lack of self confidence and self esteem.  Overall I was not in a good place and it took me until 2011 to realize that I still was not in a good place in life.
So in about April 2007 or so I started this blog that you guys have been reading or occasionally read.  I kind of started passively stalking people by reading their blogs in the SharePoint and .Net communities.  I also started listening to .Net Rocks & watching videos on their corresponding training for SharePoint, WCF, WF, and a bunch of other technologies.  I wanted more knowledge, so someone suggested I go to a user group.  I've told this story before about how I met Jeff Julian & John Alexander, so that point I will spare you the details.  You know how I got to my first user group presentation and how I started getting involved with events, so I'll also spare those details.
The point I want to touch on is that I went out I started speaking and that path I took helped me gain the self confidence and self respect I needed.  When I first moved to NYC I couldn't even ride a subway by myself or walk alone without getting lost.  Now I feel like I can go out and solve any problem someone throws at me.  So you see what Alison states in her blog post is true and I am a great example to that point.  I stood in front of 800 or so people at SharePoint Conference in 2011 and spoke about a topic.  In 2007 I would have hidden or stuttered the entire time.  I have now spoken at over 70 events and user groups.  I am a top 25 influencer in my technology.  I was a most valued professional for years in a row in Microsoft SharePoint.  People are constantly trying to gain my time, so that they can pick my brain for solutions and other life problems.  I went from maybe five or six friends to over hundreds of friends in various cities across the globe.  
I'm not saying it's an instant fame and it doesn't take a ton of work, but I have never looked back once at my life and regretted the choice I made in 2007.  It has lead me to a lot of other things in my life, including more positivity and happiness.  If anyone ever wants to contact me and pick my brain on a presentation go ahead.  If you want me to help you find the best meetup that suits you for that presentation I can try to help too (I might be a little more helpful in the Microsoft or iOS arenas though).  The best thing I can state is don't be scared just do it.  If you need an audience I can try to pencil it in my schedule.  I can't promise anything, but if you are in NYC I can at least try.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014 #

SharePointfest NYC - Guess Who's Speaking...

Hey guys one thing I neglected to let you all know is that I am doing two sessions at SharePointfest NYC this year at the Jacob Javits Center from June 18th to 20th.  One session is my sandbox vs. apps session called "Office 365 Development: Sandbox Solutions vs. Apps" and the other session is "iOS Develpment with SharePoint using Xamarin".  The second session will entail code in Xamarin Designer that will help developers query REST Webservices in Office 365 using claims based authentication.  It's a very similar session to my old iOS Development talk with Office 365 using Objective-C, except this version will be 100% in C#.  If you are interested in registering for the conference please go here:  Hopefully I will see you at the conference!

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SharePoint Saturday NYC is Coming...

Hey guys so we did the call for speakers & we will announce the actual speakers around May 10th or 11th (plus a few days possibly).  We are still looking for a few sponsors at the following link:  We have some Platinum, Gold, and Prize sponsorships left.  I think the SharePint sponsorship is already taken.
If you guys didn't know the Microsoft Office has changed to 11 Times Square.  We now have 3 floors (5, 6, and 7) with the potential for 500-600 attendees with more space flow.  We will open up registration for attendees in June & volunteers will be somewhere around that time too.
This years theme will be wizard hats (for me & Tasha & anyone is welcome to join us).  I hope to see you at this year's event!

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Friday, March 21, 2014 #

Techstravaganza Slides

Thank you everyone who attended my session!  Here is a link to the slides compiled from John Patrick White & Jason Himmelstein's session:!295&app=PowerPoint&wdo=1.
You can view the original decks here: (John Patrick White) (Jason Himmelstein)

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014 #

SharePoint Saturday NYC Call for Speakers & Sponsors

Hey guys as usual I am honored to be on the committee for SPS NYC as a co-organizer with four of my favorite people in the whole wide world - Jason Gallicchio, Tom Daly, Tasha Scott, and Greg Hurlman.  We have opened up the call for speakers and sponsors here:  We are doing blind votes again, so the process is the same as the past few years.  We are giving you guys an extra month or so for the submissions.  Go forth and submit!

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014 #

SharePoint Conference 2014 - Thank You Guys

When I was a kid things were not so great, so I only asked the universe for one thing to get me out of that situation.  I felt that it wasn't fair to ask for anything else from the universe, because I was given more than enough - a degree, a great job, awesome friends, etc.  So taking charge of my own life the past 4 years has been a struggle, because I felt like people are dying somewhere or they can't get out of their terrible situations.  It is not fair to ask for anything extra from the universe.  So I just sat back miserable for a while and let things just be in life.  I'll just be miserable if I dislike something.
The past few years were a roller coaster, because I just sat back in some ways to watch things play out.  Something happened in 2011 to justify the change in course - my boyfriend left me.  I woke up.  I realized maybe this was my life to live.  Maybe I shouldn't do what others want me to do anymore.  Slowly over three years I started to realize what I really wanted in my job, in dating, and in a friend.  It's really weird, because at 32 I think I'm still a work in progress, but closer to the end goal.
I finally have the job that I want.  I finally have the friends that I should surround myself with in my journey.  Thank you for voting for me.  This version of me is the happiest version that could be at this point in my life.  You got me my job.  You made me feel like I fit in somewhere.  You put me on a list of 25 people who you think are the top community members.  I know there are tons of people that could easily fit on this list.  I know I may not be the smartest or the most fitting.  I make fun of these lists a good deal through sarcasm, but I feel honored and privileged.
Here is a list of top people in my community and life:
Leah Wendleton
Tasha Scott
Greg Hurlman
Bob German
Neal McFee
Kris Wagner
Doug Hemminger
Susan Lennon 
Joel Oleson
Christian Buckley
Dan Usher
Scott Hoag
Kelley & Mario Urena
Heather Chadwik
Stephen Napoles
Pedro Jimenez
Lori Gowin
Don Kirkham
Patrick Curran
D'arce Hess
Luciana Lopez
Caitlin Dean
Marie Simmons
Amy Gradzewicz
Suzanna Tran
Jason & Ada Gallicchio
John Alexander
Paul Galvin
Ruven Gotz
Mark Rackley
Geoff Varosky
Chris McNulty
Jason Himmelstein
Pattie Jacobson
Tom Daly
Tony & Tracy Pounder
Chris Givens & Lidiya Ter-Markova

And the most important Sam Isserman, Ferd Isserman, Kathi Isserman, Nancy Isserman, Rick Isserman, and my slew of Horwitz cousins...I'm sorry if I forgot someone, but you all believed in me throughout the years.  You have helped me through some dark times.  You carried me through the past few years to get me to this point.  We all have light at end of tunnel days.  I think after all the trials and tests I am at the point in time when things are truly awesome.  I hope that I can carry you guys through the worst when you need it.  I'm around just let me know.  Time to go to sleep very soon-ish.  Thanks everyone who wished me a happy birthday!  This birthday has to be the best one yet.

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014 #

Where's Becky? - How to Play

I am going to walk around the entire conference wearing a single BlueMetal Temporary Tattoos and $5 Starbuck's Cards at the conference.  I might also be wearing a funny hat that day to make it easier to distinguish me out of everyone else.  I haven't decided yet, but I will tweet the information when I figure it out.
The temporary tattoos will be given out if you find me and let me know by saying that you saw me tweeting and you want one.  Additionally once you find me I will ask you a SharePoint Trivia Question and if you get it right I will give you a $5 Starbuck's Card.  I will only give out two Starbuck's Cards per day at different points in each day of the conference, so watch @mosslover on twitter for the information.  Hopefully, this entire thing will be fun for everyone and worth it.  I've never tried to do anything like this before, but I think it could be interesting.  I hope to see you there at the conference next week.

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