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So this is my first blog post and I will keep things short and simple. Actually I will apply this to all my posts; short, simple, and concise.

Ever wanted to search your database for a piece of text? It might be a table name , stored proc, or even a funtion. Many Developers have several ways to get around this, I will be sharing a tool I recently discovered which accomplishes this job very quickly and efficiently.

SQL Search is a tool by Red-Gate that intergrates into SQL Server Management Studio and allows you to search through objects. Once installed it should show on SSMS. You can specify the type of object you want to search in i.e Tables, Stored procs e.t.c. It also allows you to Choose the Database and Server.
The picture below shows an example. I have searched for the substring "user" in all my TABLES under the ASPNETDB.MDF database.

As you can see the result is quite detailed since it shows the object name and where the match occurs e.g column. If you are sold here is the download linkĀ SQL Search download
I hope this will help you save a lot of time.


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