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Javascript Minify tools, optimization, style checker


Google: ;



Some online ones that takes a block of javascript:

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Parallel programming in Visual Studio

Not much experience with these products yet.


Not free:


For SSIS, this looks very interesting:



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JavaScript CheckAll checkbox changes not being picked up by GridView code behind

If you need to use JavaScript to do a Check All on all the checkboxes in the column, be sure to use this guy's code: If your code simply change the state (...checked == true), it does not get registered and does not get passed into the code behind. Instead, follow AzamSharp's article and make sure you initiate a click() event ......

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Convert GridViewRows into a DataTable to edit data in ASP .NET

I recently ran into a business problem that I can't find any sample code online. I think I worked out a tolerable solution. The business scenario is this: All rows retrieve from the database must be in edit mode, but only some fields should be in edit mode, not all. Editing one row at a time is out of the question. User might make changes and THEN want to sort the grid. Any user input needs to be preserved. Have to use .NET control that come out of the box with Visual Studio due to maintenance concerns. ......

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Getting a little annoyed at a website

I may not be a lawyer, but definition and how to properly excute a plan are very important to me.

When you create a website and want to store something in a Config file, simply calling your class "ConfigFile" is NOT the way to do it.  This web projectI am looking at is so far down the wrong path that it needs a rebuild.

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ASP .NET control library

Man, I feel angry that this is the first time I heard of this site:

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conditional page break inside the repeater on a dynamically created web user control

Business Scenario: The client wants to build a few reports (only in HTML format) that basically have the same format, but needs paging when the report is sent to the printer. Solution: I built the report inside a user control to reuse the formatting, but had to solve the problem where hard-coding the page break at the UI side will give me an extra page in printing. Code: Inside ASCX: <%# InsertPageBreakIfNotLastPag... "ItemIndex")) %> Code behind (C #): public string ......

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