Windows 8 support of video format

OK, this is sad

The other day we thought it would be a good idea to watch some old family video. I brought out my Windows 8 "awesome" laptop. Subsequently I endured frustration beyond belief. The only formats I seemed to able to play was MP4 and MOV, and MP4 was played with my Zune software. I tried to play AVI and MPG, didn't work with Windows Media Player, didn't work with the Windows 8 Video player. Clicking on the "help" button brought me to a long page on Xbox music. After reading for a while, I was very confused as to how to add an Xbox player to my Windows 8.

The following days consist of me trying to find video converter. DVDVideoSoft Free Studio seemed pretty good, but the MOV and MP4 results had the same problem. Guess what my eventual solution is!

Apple QuickTime player

The positive that came out of this is that I found a free DVD converter in DVDVideoSoft Free Studio. Now I can convert the old DVD into playable files on portable devices.

It has been at least 10 years since I last played with Xvid and all those softwares. It was nice to make my brain hurt a little trying to understand this side of computer science.

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