My experience working with Teradata SQL Assistant

  • To this date, I still haven't figure out how to "toggle" between my query windows. It seems like unless I click on that "new" button on top, whatever SQL I generate from right-click just overrides the current SQL in the window. I'm probably missing a "generate new sql in new window" setting
  • The default Teradata SQL Assistant doesn't execute just the SQL query I highlighted. There is a setting I have to change first.
  • I'm not really happy that the SQL assistant and SQL admin are different app. Still trying to get used to the fact that I can't quickly look up a table's keys/relationships while writing query. I have to switch between windows.
  • LOVE the execution plan / explanation. I think that part is better done than MS SQL in some ways. The error messages can be better.
  • I feel that Teradata .NET provider sends smaller query command over than others. I don't have any hard data to support my claim. One of my query in SSRS was passing multi-valued parameters to another query, and got error "Teradata 3577 row size or sort key size overflow". The search on this error says the solution is to cast result column into smaller data type, but I found that the problem was that the parameter passed into the where clause could not be too large.
  • I wish Teradata SQL Assistant would remember the window size I just adjusted to. Every time I execute the query, the result set, query, and exec log auto re-adjust back to the default size. In SSMS, if I adjust the result set area to be smaller, it would stay like that if I execute query in the same window.

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Left by LifeLongTechie at 6/19/2014 3:52 PM
Gravatar I appreciate a lot of people suggesting Teradata training, and some of the sites look good. But I can't let comments on here carry links, so I apologize for not letting your comment through.

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