"microsoft account service is unavailable" error for 4 days and counting

I'm getting this error if I try to install or update an app on my Sprint HTC 8XT Windows 8 phone.  Wondering if anybody else is having the same issue.  The other issue occured at the same time was my OneNote stopped syncing.  After changing the server name of my Microsoft account, I was able to get mine syncing again, but not my wife's phone.

Following some blog posts, I tried to update my microsoft account server name to m.hotmail.com, but it always set itself to bay404-m.hotmail.com.  This server allows OneNote to sync, but my wife's phone is stuck at col404-m.hotmail.com, and OneNote won't sync.

Sprint's advice was to delete the trusted device from list.  Tried that and didn't see any difference.  Knowing Microsoft's last gaffe with phone update (http://www.product-reviews.net/2013/02/04/windows-phone-7-8-update-data-and-battery-problems/), perhaps this is still too early in the process to expect any action?

[2014-04-29 Update] I ran "Network profile update", then re-enter that "m.hotmail.com" into server, and now it works.

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