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SSIS 2012 formating quirks

There are so many funny quirks in SSIS 2012 that I have to list them, to save other people from the misery.

  • If you want to move items to one direction, make sure you "grab" the opposite side.  For example, you want a whole bunch of data flows to move up, select them all and grab the lowest item.
  • When you drag the arrow to connect Precendence Constraint, make sure you drop it on the area of target that has no text, otherwise, it thinks you want to edit the text and change the target item layout

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SSIS 2012 project.param Add Parameters to Configurations

Always was able to do it in a .NET application and a reporting project.  This took me a while to realize.  In SSIS 2012 project, once you create project.params, you can add them to your configuration settings by clicking this button

A dialogue pops up where you can add your project params and specify their values in different configuration set.

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Using stored procedure to call multiple packages at the same time from SSIS Catalog (SSISDB.catalog.start_execution) resulted in deadlock

Refer to my previous post ( about dynamic package calling and multiple packages execution in these posts:

I only saw this twice, other times the stored procedure was able to call the packages successfully.  After the service pack, I haven't seen it...yet.

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