BizTalk: Custom API: Promoted Properties

You can download code from here.

BizTalk uses a special language in the Orchestrations, the XLANG. XLANG has a special syntax to access promoted properties in code. Is is limited in some parts. For example, Properties are hard to enumerate programmatically. It is hard to select or to match a property from the property list. It is hard to get the properties belongs to one adapter type.

This library exposes a simple API to access all Promoted Properties currently deployed into a BizTalk group.


This picture shows a part of the property list, created by this library. Each property has a Namespace, a Name (aka Root node), a Type and a .NET namespace.

Namespace and Name can be used in the pipeline components to access property.

The .NET namespace it is what we see in the Orchestration Editor, when we choose a property.

Also we can see it in the Send Port Filter:

The whole, complete Promoted Property list includes all properties: properties installed as a part of BizTalk Server installation and the Adapter Packs, and properties, deployed with all BizTalk applications.

This code also can be used to extract promoted properties of an adapter to work with them in code.

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