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Some times when I'm trying to generate an instance of a schema I've got strange results. I have a record parameter "Max Occurs" = unbounded. Some times "Generate Instance" the command generates 3 records, some times only one.

I've made an investigation.


 The number of the generated records: 0 1/default 2 n(>=3)

Min Occurs: 3 1 2 n


The number of the generate records is limited from the upper bound by Min Occurs

Pretty logical, doesn't it?
Then why I was distracted?
I am waiting the number of the generated records should be equal the Max Occurs,
that's why!

Why I generate the instance? For testing my schema where I need exactly several records. If the number of the test records would be  the Max Occurs it would be more intuitive. 

If you have a comment, please, give me a feedback!


Leonid Ganeline
BizTalk Developer
Print | posted on Thursday, February 2, 2006 12:51 PM


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