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picturerotatorThis post marks the beginning of a series of postings, containing examples of SharePoint WebParts that anybody can build all by themselves.  After that intro you’re probably already wondering what the catch is, and yep, there is one.  These examples will require the use of the highly acclaimed RSSBus SharePoint WebPart

To read all posts in this series, or to get started with the RSSBus WebPart, go here.

 And now…let’s get on with it!

#1 – SharePoint Image Rotator

Step one is to make sure you have the RSSBus Web Part installed.  See here for instructions.

Step two, choose your images and upload them to a Picture Library.  This should be a Picture Library that is located within the same site that you plan to add the RSSBus Web Part to.  If you need to use a Picture Library that is located in a different site, that can be done as well but is a bit more complicated.

Finally, step three, add the RSSBus WebPart to your page and paste the following template into its source editor.  This template might look a little scary, but don’t worry – its not going to bite.

<!-- Set the Picture Library that you want to use  -->
<rsb:set attr="list" value="Picture Library" />

<!-- Call the spListItems operation, save the results. -->
rsb:call op="spListItems" save="pictures" />

<!-- Call the feedRandom operation to randomize the saved spListItems results -->
rsb:call op="feedRandom?feed=[[ | urlencode]]" pagesize="1">
<!-- Output the image as html -->
<img src="[[sp:url]]" width=”150px” border="0" align="right" />

Like I said, this template might look a little scary, but its not.  Just paste it into the source editor, change "Picture Library” to the name of your library, and yes, we’re already done!  For best results, size the pictures before uploading them to your library and delete the width=”150px” setting from the img tag in the HTML.


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# re: 10 DIY SharePoint Web Parts #1
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BTW - I looked into RSSBus WebPart support for the MS BPOS SharePoint (MS Online Services) hosting solution and right now unfortunately, it is not supported as the RSSBus Server product is embedded in a DLL that needs to be installed into the GAC. Hence, you cannot use this with BPOS.
Left by Bob on Nov 17, 2009 4:17 AM

# re: 10 DIY SharePoint Web Parts #1
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Thanks Bob. You might find this post about the limitations of BPOS interesting:


Features NOT Available in Microsoft BPOS:

1. Anonymous users supported
2. UI enhancements
3. Server control
4. Customization / Code Deployment
5. 3rd party web parts installation
6. Unlimited user account creation with no additional fees
7. Daily site backups
8. Custom domain names supported
9. Dedicated solution for any number of users
Left by Lance Robinson on Nov 17, 2009 4:39 AM

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