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Build Custom SharePoint WebParts with PowerShell

At, you’ll find  a bunch of new toys for PowerShell, including the first full release of PowerShellASP + free community license.  The new toys?  PowerShellADO, PowerShellPanel, PowerShellWebPart, and PowerShellRSS.  Here’s a brief description of each, in my own words.  For the official description and examples, check out

  1. PowerShellASP – write ASP pages with PowerShell scripting instead of vbscript.
  2. PowerShellADO – execute PowerShell cmdlets and return the results as an ADO.NET data reader:  "select * from 'Get-ChildItem C:\' where Length >= 4000";
  3. PowerShellPanel – an ASP.NET panel-like control in which you can execute PowerShell cmdlets and render the results.
  4. PowerShellWebPart – Execute PowerShell cmdlets from within SharePoint to build your own custom SharePoint WebParts.
  5. PowerShellRSS – Augomatically generate RSS feeds from objects returned by PowerShell cmdlets.

Let me know if you have any questions or cool uses of these products.

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