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I saw Michael @Gannotti’s Tweets Wiki and thought it was pretty handy.  It made me think of @jazzychad’s TweetGrid and how that would be nice inside SharePoint.  So I combined these two into my own little twitter search page in SharePoint, and here’s how:


Tools I used:  RSSBus SharePoint WebPart.

  • Installed and activated the RSSBus SharePoint WebPart, added the webpart to my SharePoint page.
  • I went to, and did a search for “PowerShell”.  The results page includes the RSS feed for the query (
  • On the RSSBus WebPart, I clicked Modify Shared Web Part, and then “Source Editor…”
  • Paste in the RSSBus WebPart script:
    <table cellspacing="10px">
    <rsb:call op="">
    <td><A href="[[rss:link#1]]"><img align="left" src="[[rss:link#2]]" border="0" width="43px"/></td>
    <td>[[atom:author_name]]</A>: [[rss:description]]</td>
  • Click "”Apply”, and you’ll see the WebPart render with the search results.  If you look more closely at the script, you’ll see that it does an rsb:call of the URL.  That is how you tell the WebPart to fetch a feed (or call an RSSBus operation – this is the way more advanced users can get data from SQL, Excel, SalesForce, PowerShell cmdlets, etc).  For each item in the feed, the scope of the rsb:call element will be “run” – in this case a table row is added for each item and the link, author, and tweet are output in the row.
  • Optionally, you can set a specific height for the web part, and modify the title.

Ok, that was simple enough.  But what about some more advanced features?  Stay tuned for  how to dynamically change the search term with a textbox and submit button, reply/retweet links, etc.

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