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1.  I installed and activated the RSSBus Web Part for SharePoint, which allows me as a SharePoint owner or member to create a customized web part from one of dozens of RSSBus connectors or any RSS/Atom feed I like, such as a Twitter Search RSS feed.

2.  I added the RSSBus Web Part to my SharePoint page, and edited its content using the Source Editor.  I am using the following template to format the results of my RSS result:

<rsb:call op= pagesize="5"> 
<P> <A href="[[rss:link#1]]"> <img align="left" src="[[rss:link#2]]" border="0" width="33px"/>
[[atom:author_name]]</A>: [[rss:description]]
</P><BR> </rsb:call>

3.  I applied this, and voila, Twitter search results for my keywords (PowerShell or RSSBus in this case) appear in my Web Part!  Pagesize tells RSSBus to only return 5 results.  You can specify whatever search criteria you want in the URL to, or you can specify any other RSS feed you like too.


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Posted on Friday, February 20, 2009 11:00 AM Software | Back to top

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