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Dear RIAA,

Please address your thank-you note to Pandora Radio.  Pandora is where I was able to listen to a bunch of songs by Rehab, and where I then proceeded to purchase the Rehab album "Graffiti The World" (through Amazon MP3 of course, where I purchase all my DRM free music).  Matt Miller brought it to my attention that Pandora may be on the way out because our the members of the Copyright Royalty Board have their eyes wide shut (just to be a little bit overly dramatic, there is no doubt in my mind that they are receiving some sort of monetary “encouragement” from the RIAA).

RIAA: while you’re at it, address another thank-you to Grooveshark, who’s ass you should also be kissing. 

Fellow nerds, follow the Pandora blog and/or the Grooveshark blog.
Related:  don’t forget to contact Amazon about Audible DRM.


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Posted on Wednesday, August 20, 2008 2:57 PM General , Personal | Back to top

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