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A couple months ago Richard Seroter posted about how he created RSS feeds for BizTalk metrics - traffic by application and suspended messages by application.  Now with the latest release of RSSBus (RC1) - a new connector, BizTalkOps, is available.  BizTalkOps includes operations that generate the following feeds:

  • biztalkAllServiceInstances
    Return the list of all service instances, independent on their state.
  • biztalkApplications
    List all BizTalk applications and their status
  • biztalkApplicationStatus
    Takes the name of a BizTalk Application and returns all Orchestrations, Send Port Groups, Send Ports, Receive Locations and Policies that make up that application, each one with basic details and the status.
  • biztalkHostInstances
    Return the list of Host Instances and their status.
  • biztalkMessages
    Return the list of all message instances.
  • biztalkRunningServiceInstances
    Return the list of all running service instances.
  • biztalkSuspendedServiceInstances
    Return the list of all suspended service instances.

Also included in the new RSSBus RC1, a new user guide, caching/logging, operations for dbase/oledb/pgsql/twitter, and a lot more.  Check it out.

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