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For a long time now I've never been able to use several applications, including Windows Live Writer (which is hugely improved over its initial beta release, btw), FeedGhost, FireFox (after it updated itself one day), and even the new beta of Safari for Windows.  I always got the error "The operation has timed out" from these applications.  I was never able to reproduce it myself in C#, nor did any other network related appliations or the IPWorks components that I work with so often produce the problem.

I searched the web all over and couldn't find anything that solved the problem.  Today at lunch my friend, Eric, said that he thought if I disabled Vista's TCP auto-tuning that it would solve my problems.

I tried it, and sure enough - problem solved.  So this is my first post from Windows Live Writer.  I am seriously impressed. 

Eric pointed me to this FAQ entry at  The command that freed me from this "operation has timed out" error is here:

netsh interface tcp set global autotuning=disabled

Update!  An explanation of what is causing this from the Windows Core Networking team.

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