Smoking swag in Cali

Golden Gate

So we're back from the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco.  Here is my favorite photo from the trip, a view of the Golden Gate and the skyline. 

After the show was over we had some time before the flight home, so we took a little trip over to the Golden Gate, then back south to Santa Cruz and back up through the valley.  We also took a cool catamaran cruise through the bay around Alcatraz and under the Golden Gate, but I didn't have my camera with me which is a shame.

Swag vs Schwag

The show was great, lots of people and lots of interesting sessions and speakers.  A lot of people told me that the RSSBus swag was the best swag (here's a picture of the RSSBus-branded moving love-mobile that we gave away).  I agree, that bus is smokin!  Lisa Morao says we had the best too, woohoo!  After I read her post I randomly wondered to myself - is it schwag or swag?  I've seen and used both terms.  I'm a real curious nerd and I just had to know right then.  So what did I do?  The same thing I do everytime such a question comes to mind:  I asked wikipedia!  I found out that it doesn't really matter, schwag is a colloquialism for swag.

So, although we don't really give away schwag (we can't give that away without legal issues even though it might have come in useful during some of the less exciting sessions - I can hear the speakers now - "Dudes... you're sooooooo gonna love this new product that we have, it - is - so- cool.  Totally.  I mean, really...think about it...what if the web 2.0 remote could actually be used to control you?"), we do have some really cool swag.

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# re: Smoking swag in Cali

Left by Lisa Amorao at 4/20/2007 6:52 PM
Gravatar I've always thought it was "schwag" because of

At the risk of revealing the truth about whether I smoked pot in college...I really had no idea that the term schwag was related to...I'll stop there. :-)

# re: Smoking swag in Cali

Left by Jesus at 6/1/2007 7:25 PM
Gravatar I'm talking straight purple kush

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