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John Travolta or Adam Kalsey?I made some comments about how Feed Crier should understand syndication extensions. In that post, Adam Kalsey (doesn't he kinda look like a younger version of John Travolta in that photo on his blog?) was kind enough to comment:



> Maybe Adam Kalsey will make Feed Crier understand
>some of the common syndication extensions

Perhaps, but I'm not convinced of their value to Feed Crier. Right now I'm just >trying to make it the best way to get instant update notifications. As I watch how it's used, that may evolve over time. But right now, I don't see Feed Crier being a general-purpose feed reader, and I'm not sure that anyone would want to consume media (podcasts, enclosures, whatever) using an IM client.

John Travolta or Adam Kalsey?This makes total sense. Feed Crier is young, simple, and straight-forward. I guess I picked on Feed Crier a little bit, when my statement really applies to all developers who are working with feeds. The value is that your application will be smarter and more dynamic. For example, if I am subscribed to a feed that gives me a location of some event, that feed probably uses a geocoding standard like georss. If applications like Feed Crier understand georss, they can go ahead and provide me with a map or link to a map so that I can see the location. In the future, when I get this IM on my mobile device it can go ahead and start programming my driving directions. ;)

By the way - think how much more useful some of the Craigslist feeds would be if they used georss. Same thing for the Google Calendar event entries (Google already has a geocoding api). I've already mentioned the need for extensions in many of the Yahoo feeds. Amazon has tons of web services, but relatively few RSS/atom feeds (only those for basic product searches) which . Fortunately their spectacular APIs give us the ability to create all kinds of useful applications and feeds. RSSBus' AmazonOps includes operations for cart management, wish/registry list searches, generic searches that include very detailed information like product rewiews and price, specific category searches, etc.

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