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Since the A-list is open, I'm just going to go ahead and join. Please be sure to pass the word along and link to me. Then you may as well go ahead and subscribe to me so that you won't miss any of my gems.  For those who say an A-list doesn't exist, ok fine, I will start it right now. :) Hah.

Currently, Technorati says that my blog is ranked 1,420,445 out of 51,400,000. Thats pretty funny, especially since I don't believe that there are really 51,400,000 blogs (although there might be nearly that many spam-blogs!). also says that my blog hasn't been updated in 185 days. In reality I've probably posted over 100 times in the past 185 days, many of those actually using technorati tags. Maybe technorati is not paying such great attention to the long tail after all.

No matter.

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Posted on Friday, August 18, 2006 3:29 PM General | Back to top

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