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There are several things to consider when attempting to access RSSBus:

1. Operations are never directly accessible from outside of localhost. The only way to expose them to the outside is to create a script or template which makes calls to them.

2. Scripts and templates are not accessible from outside of localhost by default. In order to expose them you must use the rsb:allow keyword. For example:

<!-- the following allows a particular user. -->
<rsb:allow host="*" passwd="changeme" user="joe" />

<!-- the following allows access to everyone. -->
<rsb:allow host="*"/>

3. Specifically for the Desktop Edition, the embedded server itself has access restrictions. If you right click on the RSSBus Desktop Server icon in the system tray and choose "Server Options", there is an "Allowed Clients" setting that by default is set to localhost. This means that only localhost can access the server.  You can change this to allow access from whatever addresses you would like.  Wildcard support is included so you could allow a particular subnet (10.0.1.*) or allow everyone (*).

4.  Specifically for the Server Edition, the first time you access the RSSBus you'll get a “Security Exception“ error page which explains that the Admin Console requires an RsbAllow application setting in the Web.Config in order to be accessed.  By default this application setting exists in the web.config but it is commented out for safety.  Before you can load the Admin Console and start using RSSBus, you'll need to modify the web.config file like this (of course you can specify whatever user and password values you like):   

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