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Unfortunately I'm not at Where 2.0 (wish I was), but O'Reilly Radar reports that Mikel Maron revived the RSS as the “Unix pipe of the Internet” analogy today while talking about GeoRSS, a standardized way for encoding location in ATOM/RSS feeds.  Mikel's own mapufacture aggregates multiple GeoRSS feeds into a single map.

Recently I spent some time playing with the RSSBus YahooOps, which contains geocoding and yahoo mapping feed generation capabilities.  I used these operations to generate feeds and maps of locations input by an incoming http request containing and address. I also took the long/lat from the Yahoo geocoding service and pushed it out as a Google Earth .kml file so that I can fly directly to that location in Google Earth.  It would be about 1 minute of trivial work for anyone to add GeoRSS output elements to feeds generated by RSSBus.

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I do location based rss feeds that are tied to my GPS phone:
Left by Tim Hibbard on Jun 14, 2006 10:01 AM

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