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In an interview with ACM Queue last year, Ray Ozzie called RSS "the Unix pipe of the Internet":

"RSS is an extremely important standard. It’s the HTML of the next generation of the Web, or some people might refer to it as the Unix pipe of the Internet. It’s a way of channeling data from one application to another in very interesting and robust fashion. Again, I think it’s important as a technique far beyond just collaborative software."

Again on his blog and at the E-Tech conference Ray hits on this point again while introducing the idea of the Live Clipboard:’re already likely aware of my optimism about the potential of using RSS as a DNA of sorts to enable “mesh” information sharing scenarios at a grassroots level on the internet.   I believe RSS has the potential to be the “UNIX pipe of the internet”, and that one of the simplest and most pervasive “mesh” needs that many of us have is to provide connections for things such as contacts, calendar entries, messages, files and the like.

This is exactly what RSSBus enables:  not only does RSSBus give you the tools to very easily generate RSS feeds out of practically any data/service/application, but it gives you the tools to “pipe" them together very easily.

More than that though.  RSSBus gives you the tools to manipulate feeds in many different ways very easily.  Then you can output or visualize those results as RSS, ATOM, or any other format you like.  And if you are a more advanced user, you can write a little bit of xml code to work with feeds and individual items in a very granular manner using RSBScript.

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