IMAP: Programmatically Managing the Access Control List

RFC2086 defines a set of “standard“ rights for IMAP access control lists (ACL):

l          Lookup mailbox is visible to folder listing commands.
r Read mailbox can be selected, fetched, searched, and copied.
s Keep seen/unseen information is kept across sessions.
w Write flags other than seen and deleted can be stored.
i Insert mailbox can be appended and copied to.
p Post mail can be sent to the submission address for the mailbox.
c Create can create new sub-folders.
d Delete can be deleted, and messages marked as deleted can be expunged.
a Administer           can set access permissions.

With the IMAP component in IP*Works!, you can easily set such permissions for a particular user like so:

imap1.SetMailboxACL("username", "lr");

This example gives lookup and read permissions (lr) to user "lance".

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