Robi is using IBizEpay to implement his credit card payment solution

Robi Sen is using IBiz E-Payment Integrator to implement his credit card payment solution. He's using Paymentech's Orbital gateway, and ran into some confusion during development.

Some of the 45 gateways supported require the transaction amount to be specified in cents rather than dollars, and Robi found out the hard way that Orbital is one of these, and that Orbital also requires a BIN number. We try to document all of these minor differences between gateways. The documentation for Orbital now highlights these causes of Robi's confusion:

gwOrbital (29)
InvoiceNumber is required. The TransactionAmount must be submitted as the number of cents without a decimal point. For example, a dollar value of "1.00" would equate to "100" for this gateway. Also, to configure this gateway please note that your merchant/group Id maps to the MerchantLogin property, and your Bank Id (BIN) maps to the MerchantPassword property. The Terminal Id is defaulted to "001".

In the next version, a lot of these little items will be taken care of for you behind the scenes.

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