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Where's the source code?

UPDATE: I have just received confirmation that the source code is now available from the book's product page on the Apress website (  Thanks to everyone that waited patiently for this to be made available.

I've been contacted by several people through this blog asking about the missing source code for the "Beginning Windows 8 Application Development - XAML Edition" book (the book is available at and wanted to share this with others who may have come to this blog looking for it but may not have communicated with me.  The publisher (Apress) does know that the source code is not posted on the book's product page and will be correcting it.  Apress is located in New York City and things were slowed down a little bit last week due to the storm, but I've been assured they will be correcting the product page as soon as they can.  Thanks to everyone who has bought the book and I especially appreciate your patience.

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# re: Where's the source code?

Hi Kyle,

I am reading Beginning Windows 8 Application Development. It's really good.

Look forward to getting the source code and saving on some of the more arduous typing! Thanks for this post with the status update.

Kind regards,

11/7/2012 4:43 PM | Justin Jones
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