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In any organization, communication is the key for success. In most organizations it is happening on Email, on Lync / Skype, via Documents on SharePoint / OneDrive or on conversation in Yammer. Enterprises across the world use Microsoft Office 365 to bolster collaborative culture, support mobility, and focus more time on core operations. Almost one in every seven people on the planet uses Office (read more at and with the seamless integration with all communication channels Office 365 helps customers achieve the following benefits: 

  • Bolster business agility
  • Enhance access to information
  • Increase collaborative culture
  • Support a mobile workforce

Office 365 helps customers realize a broad vision of business productivity with its full set of rich productivity services where users get best in class email with outlook, reliable instant messaging capabilities with video conferencing using Skype, and compliance driven collaboration functionality on documents with SharePoint Online and OneDrive. Users can use Office Online or Office for iPad to work across multiple devices or via browser without losing the rich formatting of documents while using all the other O365 products. With the recently launched Power BI tools, Delve and Groups, Office 365 users can get work done much more efficiently every day. So instead of purchasing different products for various business needs that may or may not integrate with one another, Office 365 provides organizations a complete solution that works both for today’s needs and offers flexibility for addressing tomorrow’s!

Over the last few years the world has become a giant network, and social media has rewired the way we connect with people and information. By tapping into the human networks that make a business tick, companies can listen and learn from the conversations that matter most, adapt to an increasingly volatile market, and grow in ways never before possible. Today, more than 400,000 companies worldwide are already using Yammer Enterprise to work in this way. The cohesive set of Office 365 social, collaboration, and communication technologies enable companies to work like a network—using the technologies that have changed our personal lives to transform the way we work as well.

While Office 365 continues to push the boundaries of working like a network by introducing new features like Delve, Groups and PowerBI; the familiarity of Office tools reduces training and support costs. 

Large enterprise organizations have a diverse end-user base with different job profiles. Some users are involved in corporate job functions that require access to dedicated devices and rich robust applications. Alongside those are users who constitute a mobile workforce and either share devices or have lightweight technology usage scenarios. Office 365 offers organizations the choice of various SKU plans to meet the needs of such a diverse workforce while continuing to keep their IT costs low. So if you have a mobile sales force and other global virtual teams working research and development for your products Office 365 can support an efficient collaboration system that is essential for a dispersed workforce.

Watch this video to see how some of the best companies in the world are using Office 365 to get better:

Also read this Forrester research on the Total Economic Impact of Office 365 to find out why you should consider migrating soon: 

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