Remove a bad/erroneous WebPart from a SharePoint page
If you've added a poorly written webpart to your 'default.aspx' page, the consequence of this action will be that you won't be able to load the page anymore... Don't be sad, there is still a way to remove the webpart from the page :) (Yes, even removing the webpart from the webpart gallery would not solve this issue).

Steps to fix this:
1. Append the following query string to your URL: ?Contents=1.
Once you've added Contents=1 as a query string to the webpart page's URL it will display the Webpart Maintenance Page. 
Example: http://mysharepointserver/default.aspx?contents=1

2. On that page you can now see the webparts added to the page, delete the problematic webpart.
Now try reloading the default.aspx page... Tadaaa!!! you can view your page again :)

3. Leave a thank you note @ comments section :)
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