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I had the honor of speaking at CodeStock this year, and it was an awesome experience.

The highlights of the weekend include:

1) Getting picked up at the airport by Alan Stevens with his awesome sign.


2) The pre-conference get-together where I met many of my tweeps FINALLY… and they were all as awesome in IRL!

3) Rocking “Thriller” in Alan’s van after we learned that Michael Jackson had died (RIP).

4) The impromptu pool party at the ghetto hotel where we dueled with the kiddies to see who could be the most obnoxious.

5) Singing ‘round the campfire at the after-party.

6) Leon’s (fallenrogue) Ruby Koans tutorial session.

7) Staying up with my room mate Rachel Reese and talking into the very wee hours of the morning. We were both sitting on opposite sides of the little table in the hotel room that served as a desk and communicating via Twitter. Every time I heard her laugh and then start furiously typing I knew she had just read one of my tweets to her. (we missed BOTH days’ keynotes, which I heard were awesome, but oh well.)

(8) Going straight from Alan’s party to the airport at 4am and getting lost, then Tobin Titus trying to kill me when he turned the wrong way down a divided highway. A quick detour over the grassy median got us out of harm’s way.

Yeah, this event was all about com

munity- forming new relationships, and strengthening existing ones. Drinking from the firehose and having fun. A big shout-out to the organizers and to Alan Stevens for his hospitality. I am already looking forward to next year!!

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