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The third Iowa Code Camp was another first-class event. Those guys do a fantastic job every time.

It is a tradition at Iowa Code Camp to intersperse pictures of cows randomly throughout your slide deck. On my way to the event, I made a quick stop at Greg Wilson’s house. Greg has cows, and had used a marking spray from the vet to write on three of his cows:


I was scheduled to do one session on WPF data binding as part of a three-part series with Bryan Sampica and  Greg Wilson. Just as I was settling into my first session of the morning as an attendee, Javier Lanzano came and grabbed me- “We need you  next door!” As it turned out, Bryan Sampica had a  work emergency and was not able to make it. Greg and I gave a completely impromptu session with Greg talking and  me coding. We had no slides or demo code. We made it all up on the spot. We really found a flow and totally rocked it! It was fun.

Right after that I was up for my session. It was a quick transition and I was discombobulated the first ten minutes or so. Before long I got rolling again and I think it was a good session.

Thanks guys for a great event!!!



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