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Usually, you need a permanently change to your ROM (recreate a NK.BIN or use BINFS/MultiBIN/IMGFS for partial region update) in order to change the content of the ROM..
What if for whatever reason, recreate a OS image is not an option but still need to patch the OS?
A possible hack is to patch the ROMHDR in early booting phase (says OEMInit or bootloader) to alter/remove the corresponding entry.
You can take a look at public\common\oak\inc\romldr.h for the structure of TOCentry (for module entry) and FILESentry (for FILES entry) and refer to private\winceos\coreos\nk\kernel\resource.c for how to traverse and parse the TOC.
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Thanks for the feedback from all of you and glad it does help!
Will try to keep the blog updated and as usual, post those topics are not widely discussed before.
Left by KMOS on Sep 05, 2011 3:57 PM

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