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CE 7 introduces a new boot loader framework, BLDR (platform\common\src\common\bldr\). Some people like its powerful and flexbility, others may feel its too complicate as a boot loader framework.

Despite to the favor, it is already there; so let's take a look at its features.
Unlike the previous BL framwork (CE7 still provides it in platform\common\src\common\boot\) is a monolithic library, the new framework has more architecture structure. It not only defines main body but also provides rich components, such as filesystem (BinFS/FAT), download transportations, display, logging and block devices: bios INT13, FAL, IDE, Flash ( and etc.
Note that in the block device category, the FAL is for legacy FMD/FAL, Flash is for latest MSFlash. Some of you may have encountered MSFlash MDD/PDD compatible partition is hard to created in bootloader and now it provides a clean solution! (Since this is a big topic, I will introduce it in future post)

Today, I am going to show you some basic helper components - Image Loading functions.
When OS image stored in the block device, it can be a file format, says your NK.BIN in the FAT volume or a RAW format, says the image is programmed to a BINFS partition.
For the first one you can use BootFileSystemReadBinFile (platform\common\src\common\bldr\fileSystem\utils\fileSystemReadBinFile.c) and use BootBlockLoadBinFsImage (platform\common\src\common\bldr\block\utils\loadBinFs.c) to load from a partition.

Need a sample code? No problem, the BootLoaderLoadOs in platform\cepc\src\boot\bldr\loados.c just provide a perfect example.

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