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Workflow 1.0 beta provides new Azure functionality:

You can view my full presentation on this here:


I’ll bet this is released around Build Conference.

Below is a short summary:



Workflow Farm

  • New distributed node managed host infra for executing workflows 
  • Scale-out load-balanced infrastructure: out of the box


Service Bus Orchestration

  • PAAS messaging fabric process manager
  • pipelines, transformations, routing, message validation
  • support for reading, writing and correlating workflows directly from Service Bus messages (Queues and Topics)
  • dependent on Service Bus for storing workflow persisted state and starting workflows

monitoring & managing running workflow instances - Health monitoring, custom configuration

  • client library
  • Azure portal

New messaging capabilities integrated with hosting runtime

  • REST web services
  • Azure Service Bus


  • Workflow instances are created and resumed via notification messages
  • delivered asynchronously to all workflow instances that match the filter


  • Hierarchical dynamic data structure
  • used for passing complex data in/out of a workflow
  • Automatically serialized as JSON

New Activities and Trusted Activity Whitelist

  • calling http services
  • working with JSON through DynamicValue composition hierarchies



  • container for Activities, Workflows, Instances, configuration and child Scopes
  • provides a boundary for multi-tenancy and messaging (notifications)
  • Multiple level of nested scopes - –Permissions and config flow down hierarchy

Enjoy Smile

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