July 2012 Entries

Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)

Intro Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) In Excel 2010 PowerPivot DAX: Excel data analysis functions to construct dynamic analysis custom pivots on front end – instead of SSAS MDX. PowerPivot - building blocks to build BI solutions: import data tables from a various data sources, perform fast / custom DAX calculations on large in-memory datasets & display in PivotTables. define calculations evaluated dynamically in different contexts The ability to base a PivotTable on a set of multiple tables (as ......

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An Introduction to WebGL

What is WebGL? low-level JavaScript API to access the GPU from within scripts on web pages Usage: performant real-time 3D graphics in the browser. It's a web standard doesn't need a plugin managed by Khronos group based on OpenGL ES See http://learningwebgl.com Khronos Group http://www.khronos.org/ Supported Browsers To enable on Chrome: chrome.exe –no-sandbox –enable-webgl To enable on Firefox: about:config > webgl > webgl.enabled_for_all_sites > true Chrome Frame - a plugin for Internet ......

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Mathematica Programming Language–An Introduction

The Mathematica http://www.wolfram.com/math... programming model consists of a kernel computation engine (or grid of such engines) and a front-end of notebook instances that communicate with the kernel throughout a session. The programming model of Mathematica is incredibly rich & powerful – besides numeric calculations, it supports symbols (eg Pi, I, E) and control flow logic. obviously I could use this as a simple calculator: 5 * 10 --> 50 but this language is much more than that! for ......

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Azure WNS to Win8 - Push Notifications for Metro Apps

Background The Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows 8 allows you to build a Windows Azure Cloud Service that can send Push Notifications to registered Metro apps via Windows Notification Service (WNS). Some configuration is required - you need to: Register the Metro app for Windows Live Application Management Provide Package SID & Client Secret to WNS Modify the Azure Cloud App cscfg file and the Metro app package.appxmanifest file to contain matching Metro package name, SID and client secret. The ......

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