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How I wish I could find work in Israel that payed me to code in F#. If I didnt have 4 other mouths to feed, I would do it for free!

I read the F# survival guide - CTO Corner, The F# Survival Guide   it really blew my mind

Anyway, heres my 2 cents as to why F# is more advanced than C#:

  • much more concise.
  • Functions are first class objects, and can be applied directly to collections to perform transformations/filtering much more efficiently.
  • Immutably is encouraged -makes multi-threaded code much more reliable 
  •  Units of measure -  use the F# type system to ensure that dimensionality is correct at compile time - static type checking of 'derived' value types.
  • Functional programming with .NET. - do first-class functional programming and get seamless integration with all NET technologies.
  •  the REPL.  The F# Interactive tool window makes it easy to execute small bits of code on the fly. scripting .
  • Unified Asynchronous / parallel / workflow programming model - F#’s unique programming model for writing non-blocking code for asynchronous I/O, reminiscent of Workflow, Rx and Axum, but baked into the language.  
  • pattern matching, discriminating unions, partial functions, sequence generators, currying and function application syntax, quotations, type inference and overall lightweight syntax
 Expand your mind and learn a new language!



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