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  Imagine that every project in codeplex had to be decomposed into codeplex hosted unit tested functions which complied to some xunit standard - that would go along way towards code reuse, and move away from reinventing the wheel.

  worked on 2 Silverlight projects recently - see screenshots:





Last 3 months learned the following:

  • NET Components revise – reread Yuval Loweys book – revised best mechanism for interface usage,  delegates (circa .NET Framework 2.0), threading. The Interface stuff leads me to think upon the design patterns Decorator, Bridge and Proxy, and on the Unity AB IoC. The threading stuff is good – advises not to go low level – forget Monitor, Mutex, AutoResetEvent and just use Synchronization domains. Superseded by Pfx TPL and PLINQ  Task and Future<T>. the delegate stuff was written before lambda expressions and OOB delegate types.
  • WCF changes since NET Framework 3.5: Web Programming – exposing Atom Syndication feeds, non SOAP endpoints (POST, GET) , JSON objects for AJAX clients
  • ASPNET MVC – route engine is nice. I like the way Uris map to controller actions (whose return type is unit testable). Controllers then access models and load appropriate views. Seems to abandon the usage of classic ASP.NET server controls – a slight adoption problem.
  • Silverlight 2 – covered everything. Some considerable differences from WPF – no property inheritance, no 3D support, binding syntax is different. Thought about a distributed Silverlight / WCF Grid computing.
  • FxCop Rule creation – looked at the clunky introspection API (as opposed to reflection).
  • LINQ to Entities – ObjectContext instead of DataContext. Differences: M-M support in the EDM, object services, lazy vs eager loading. Some stuff on precompiled queries. IUpdatable as a complement to IQueryable
  • Unity AB – Inversion of control / dependency injection. Basically via config or on demand can register types and instances. Used in Prism
  • C# revise – always relearn something new (an anti-oxymoron!). yield statement, boxing
  • VSTO – nothing useful here. In C# every VBA wrapper method must pass 50 nulls !
  • Silverlight Services – how to host a .xap file on the mesh
  • Excel Services – interesting. web services for accessing Sharepoint hosted spreadsheets – display in WebParts. Why is this coupled with MOSS?
  • VLinq – an access like LINQ designer. I await OOB.
  • Read Book LINQ in Action – interesting section was on predefined delegate types - Function, Action, Predicate, ExpressionTree – will dig more here.
  • Book:ASP.NET Pageflakes  - Ajax and ASP.NET caching & membership optimizations for a portal like site. However, I am more interested in Silverlight – ASP.NET & AJAX are passé
  • Learn License theory – one day I will drive in Israel – even though everybody else is on the wrong side of the road.
  • Windows HPC – scale out Grid computing for embaressingly parallel algorithms (in compliance with Amdahl law) – especially for Financial Services – Distribute your Black-Scholes.
  • .NET Framework 3.5 sp1 changes – Asp.NET Dynamic Data , SQL Server 2008 DATE & FILSTREAM datatype support, WPF optimizations
  • Entity framework – EDM 3 xml files (CSDL, SSDL and MSL)  supports M-M scenarios, MEST. WCF support. ESQL differences from TSQL (notion of association vs relation). ObjectServices – looks like LINQ to Entities but is actually extension methods that call ESQL with ObjectParameter params.
  • Data Services Framework – like Workflow Services, this is an abstraction over WCF. Exposes Entity Framework via RESTful querystrings. Support for batching &concurrency
  • Prism – guidance for Modular WPF . AB utilizes Unity in Bootsrapper , modules use services and place views in regions. Would be nice if it leveraged some of the architecture of ASP.NET MVC.

I have been contemplating the concept of ratios and magnitude. the Pi ratio, the Riemann Sum and the definition of rational numbers vs irrational numbers.

Until PDC, .NET is in a plateau - while there are plenty of areas I would like to improve in (IIS 7, performance, debugging) I am taking a hiatus for 4 months from tech knowldege in order to dive down the mathematical rabbithole - calculus , linear algebra, probability and numerical methods.

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