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I took a look back to reflect my current skill set and decided to focus on mastering the Windows Communication Foundation.  What I like about it is the separation of concerns, isolating everything into it's own functionality.

I then realized something, I had lost myself the last few years in learning martial arts because I became obessed with becoming good at programming because it was how I made my living.  I have over ten years of experience in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, so I have plateaued my skill in the art to a large degree.  Guys I have trained with or competed against back in the 90's early 2000 have gone on to become instructors or true mma.  I'm only 28 years old, so I still have a lot of time for competing.

I have decided to master judo, after all, they don't offer BJJ in the olympics, so a lot of practitioners don't get credit where it is due.  I still cringe on the rules as there are many restrictions(can't stand up in the guard position!!! what?!?).  My normal weight was around 155 to 160.  After working in the IT industry, I blew up to 192.  I just lost over 10 pounds the last two months and I'm down to 177.  I hope to get back to 160 again for competitions.  I'll be cutting more weight progressively instead of in a short amount of time.  I lost 13 pounds in two days once to get ready for a tournament... I'll never do that again.

I'll be learning/memorizing at least two judo throws per week, so I should be good within a year.  I hope to compete asap.  Wish me luck.

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