Friday, July 3, 2015
Deep Learning Machine beats Human in IQ Test

Intelligence Quotient (IQ) Test is a set of standardized questions designed to evaluate human intelligence.


In June 2015, a Natural Language Processing team lead by University of Science and Technology of China and Microsoft Research gave us a surprise:   They discovered a solution for machine to outperform the average human ability to answer verbal comprehension questions in IQ Tests for the first time!  

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Web Developers’ SEO Cheat Sheet 3.0

Download the SEO Cheat Sheet

Here are the details and SEO information covered in the SEO cheat sheet 3.0.


Page 1

  • Important HTML Elements
  • HTTP Status Codes
  • Canonicalization
  • URL Best Practices
  • Webmaster Tools



Page 2

Beyond having a page that search engines understand, you want to ensure search robots crawl your site effectively for optimal performance. Use these tips and best practices to avoid unwanted crawling or to stop accidentally blocking important bots from your top pages.

  • Robot Control Syntax
  • Important User Agents
  • Sitemap Syntax
  • Pagination



Page 3

After your site is crawled and indexed, you may want to focus on how your content is displayed in search engine results and across social media. Both social metadata and rich snippets can improve your visibility, and structured data can add additional meaning to your content for search engines to understand.

  • Social Metadata
  • Rich Snippets
  • Structured Data



Page 4

As both search engines and users evolve, you likely want to optimize for different devices, or target users of a different region or language. The final page of the SEO Cheat Sheet introduces you to the basics of International and Mobile SEO.

  • Targeting Multiple Languages
  • Mobile Web Development


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How to ask Bing and Google to Index your Website

Search engine is one of the main channels to drive traffic to your website.  If Google/Bing cannot discover your website, you are losing lots of customer opportunities.  In the following two posts, Scott Ge shares how to teach Bing and Google to understand your site content and index your website appropriately. 


How to Tell Bing to Index your Website



How to Teach Google to Index your Website


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Thursday, July 2, 2015
Three Untold Lessons from Hosting WordPress in Microsoft Azure

Scott Ge shared his experience and learnings from hosting a WordPress personal website on Microsoft Azure.


Lesson 1:  The cost is not just from Microsoft Azure

Lesson 2:  The out-of-box WordPress is not good enough

Lesson 3:  The cost of a relatively stable WordPress website in Azure is about…



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Wednesday, July 1, 2015
Free Newsletter Email Template for Reporting Project Status

Please feel free to Download this free email template.

S-Studio Project Status Report

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Free Microsoft Azure account for Students

Good news for global students!  If you are a student (current active student having a .edu email account), you can get a FREE Azure cloud computing account from Microsoft today!   The free account includes:

  • Free Azure Web App Service
  • Free MySQL Database from ClearDB
  • Free App Insights
  • Free VS Online Service

With these, you can build and host a web site using MySQL (e.g. host a WordPress web site) with NO cost!


For more details visit

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015
Hands-on Labs of Azure Machine Learning

Deploying a Model with Azure Machine Learning

This lab explores unsupervised learning in Azure Machine Learning and how to deploy a predictive model as a web service. The lab will walk through copying an experiment from the Azure Machine Learning Gallery into the ML Studio, creating a scoring experiment, deploying a model as a web service, and interacting with the API using the included web interface.

“Where should I open my next restaurant location?” This question is often very difficult to answer. The right choice could lead to increased revenue and profit, but the wrong choice could lead to losing a major investment. Trying to make this decision by manually sifting through hundreds or even thousands of possible cities or neighborhoods can be almost impossible. Machine learning can help with this task by analyzing large volumes of data about different locations, finding common characteristics among locations, and grouping those like-attributed locations together. These groups can then be compared to previously successful restaurant locations to help narrow the choices for where to open next. In this lab, you will work with a dataset that includes geographic, economic, and demographic data about different US cities. The model you will explore uses a K-Means algorithm to cluster cities into distinctive buckets.


Text Mining with R and Azure Machine Learning

This lab explores text analytics and R integration with Azure Machine Learning. It will walk through loading data from an external source, using R scripts in ML Studio, and common text analytics tasks and visualizations.

Social media has become a very influential platform for companies, consumers, and professionals to express ideas and opinions, market new products and advertise sales, or share any other important news and information.  Most social media sites include keywords or hashtags users can post related content to.  If companies can access and perform advanced analytics on the keyword posts that are relevant to them, they can learn things such as customer sentiment, related products and companies, and who is buying products and where from. For this lab, you will be working with real Twitter data pulled from a Twitter API.  The data includes real Tweets that used the hashtag, Azure. The R language has an expansive collection of packages and functions for advanced text mining and analytics.  The lab will use R scripts that will be executed in ML Studio.  These scripts will perform data preparation, exploration, and visualization tasks common to text mining. The end result will be a visualization that provides context to frequently used terms in the analyzed Tweets.

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Thursday, June 25, 2015 and Implementation Details

Have you ever wondered how the well-known and were implemented?

image image


Check out the answer here: Source Code Download

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015
Compare Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing

A report entitled  ‘The Collaborative Future’ by ExactTarget and CoTweet discovers many interesting strengths and weakness in email marketing and social media marketing:





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Custom News RSS Feeds from Bing and Google News

You can find bing and google news RSS feed from here and learn how to customize it:




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