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...Continued from the previous post.


If you all are keen, and if you want to play real-time on iPhone with other players, you can download this Panda-Tetsuki client from AppStore, it connects to IGS server, and allow you to play with other players.


For those keen on playing on computer, try or 1-day per move (you can make more moves, if your opponents also response to your moves within the same day) mode – or


If you are comfortable with Chinese interface, you can play at and this site is very popular and a lot of good players (also a lot of bad players, not that they play badly, it's the they bully weaker players, some high-dan players create low kyu account to crush weak players too, they call those players as landmine), and sometime you see pro players giving lessons there, otherwise, try , or (and of course, there's free online learning materials on too, it's in Chinese. )


eWeiqi has less landmines though. But Tom is a more popular Go server.


There is one Go server that integrates multi-country servers into one (sort of link them up in a Go network), and everyone get their own Country segment, while also able to play with players from other countries, it's a collaboration between China, Japan, and Korea. Chinese and Korean servers normally have a lot of strong players. (It could be Sina server, I can't really remember)


If you follow the modern Chinese Go development, you will noticed that there's someone like "Sai" in "Hikaru no Go" that plays on the Internet before, he had beaten all the pro players playing online (for those Chinese pro players who did play Go online), and no one knows who is he yet, and he also disappeared out of sudden after creating a lot of hoo-hah in Go world.


By the way, those Go games played in Hikaru no Go are actually the real game records of those professional Go players, it's not fictitious. Here's the list on Sensei's Library ( a good English resources for Go):


(Note: as indicated in the list, a few games are unidentified yet, maybe if they asked the author of the Hikaru No Go and/or Umeza Yukari they might know it better)


And lastly, if you can't get your opponent to review your games, and you can't find anyone else do review for/with you, you can request for a review here:


Enjoy and have fun learning and playing Go!


Find me on KGS or Tom, if I'm available, we can play a bit, nick on these two servers is mychew. Nick used on IGS is jenson, so do Dragon Go Server ( and Northwest Go Server (


I've temporarily shutdown my Go forums, will try to create a new one again using different forum engine (as the previous one give me a lot of problems in terms of forum maintenance). And I have a Go room in KGS, it sounds a bit odd and funny though, and it happens to be the name of a green tea canned drink company too - Heave & Earth Go Club. It's under the Club category.

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