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Hey NVIDIA, I for one have put a TON of money into my machine here at home, you know staying current has its price. I have a super nice Asus SLi motherboard, dual eVGA video cards that were rediculously expensive (they still are come to think of it), loads of memory and freakin' fast hard drives and all of this for what? So I can run Vista. When are you going to deliver on your promise and release drivers for SLi on Vista (x86 of 64-bit, doesn't matter)?

I'm a developer and understand that it takes time to implement a new model and, although I've never had the pleasure of writing drivers for a complex operating system like Vista, it's a daunting task to be sure. But I have to ask it again when are you going to deliver on your promise (the boxes that my video cards came in said "SLi ready" and "Vista Ready") and release drivers for SLi on Vista? If it's going to be a while, as I suspect, you need to put a disclaimer on the home page of your website that says something like "If you're wanting to invest in the hardware to run SLi please stick with Windows XP until we get around to developing the drivers for Vista."

My upgrade to Vista is in the mail and I'm hoping that you will have something for geeks like me in the interim so that we aren't disappointed on upgrade day.

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