December 2008 Entries

Sotue’s First Lexical Analysis Engine Test Passed
The Sotue project has passed its first full lexical analysis unit test! The unit test’s problem statement is as follows: Parse the string “abc 123” into a word, whitespace, and a number. The source to the unit test is as follows: [TestMethod] [Description("Successfully parse the string 'abc 123' into a word, a whitespace, and a numeric lexeme.")] public void LexicalAnalyzerTestMethod1() { LexicalAnalyzer Lex = new LexicalAnalyzer(); List<LexemeFoundEventArg... LexemeFoundList = new List<LexemeFoundEventArg... ......

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Sotue Lexical Analysis Engine Design Underway
The DFA creation code in Sotue is well underway. I have more to do on the DFA front (namely, supporting exclusive character classes), but I have been happy with the results I have seen to this point. With this work well underway, I can finally turn to the meat of this entire effort: the lexical analysis engine itself. I have written the first unit test for the lexical analysis engine, and I think I have settled on an overall design for the lexical analysis engine. At this point, the design looks ......

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