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Jayd Page March 2011 Entries
Configuring dotNetInstaller 2.0 to install custom prerequisites and then run a custom exe with elevated privileges.
Introduction I recently came across a handy tool that can be used as a setup bootstrapper for windows. Its called dotNetInstaller and can be found at http://dotnetinstaller.code... This tool allows the user to distribute a single compressed, executable packaged setup with all the pre-requisites. It is very customisable. For the purposes of demonstration i will use the scenario that we encountered with our software distribution: We have 4 pre-requisites that need to be checked and installed ......

Posted On Thursday, March 31, 2011 12:03 AM

Dev4Dev’s March 2011 – User Interface Design

For all who attended my talk on User Interface Design. Here are the slides.

User Interface Design Slides

Posted On Sunday, March 6, 2011 8:08 PM

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