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  • JaySmith @phatboyg Awesome, I wonder how many java developers look at VS12 and go wow, that looks like Eclipse, or other Java IDE ::::: MENU ::::: about 1045 days ago
  • JaySmith @bmsullivan Oh yeah, I do see that little bit of green on the run in debug icon. Just seems like there was more in the beta. about 1046 days ago
  • JaySmith @bmsullivan I only see color on the RSharper icon on the toolbar, and solution explorer has none at all. I am using the dark theme. about 1046 days ago
  • JaySmith #VS2012 Where did the color in the icons go that was in VS11 Beta???? about 1046 days ago

Jay Smith Failing my way to success! March 2008 Entries
Agile Requirements: User Stories
Recently, Zach Young, a colleague of mine, and I started working on a project with the goal to lean several new things. I had the idea for the application, a simple web application that would displayed the post from registered RSS feeds sorted by publish date. Which sounds pretty simple, but it became more clear the more we talked about it that we need requirements. It is the same problem that is apparent in any software project. I am for this instance play the role of the customer, and I have a ......

Posted On Saturday, March 29, 2008 4:50 PM

Building Web Apps without Web Forms
Chris Tavares wrote a great article no creating applications with the ASP .NET MVC Framework in the March Issue of the MSDN Magazine. Chris does a great job of grounding the reader with an understanding of the Model View Controller design pattern. The article also comes with a download code sample to help you get started. This is the future of web development get a jump start with the article on Building Web Apps without Web Forms. Technorati Tags: MSDN Magazine,ASP .NET,MVC,ASP .NET MVC ......

Posted On Tuesday, March 25, 2008 8:59 PM

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